Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 Review...Funny Favorites...

My first year as a ...Photographer! This has been a fun ride and I am so thankful to God for blessing me with the business he has and allowing me to meet some really fun people along the way! 2012 poses a lot of fun opportunities and I look forward to learning more, growing more as a photographer, as a mom, and most importantly a daughter of Jesus my King! Here are a few, of my favorite shots from 2011...
As you can tell, the unposed, natural...and sometimes hilarious pictures are the ones most loved by ME!

 Beautiful country girl! I love her!
 Poor thing is terrified of dogs!
 I loved her natural smile when she laughed!
 He is just as sweet as a peach!
 Not every Bride gets punched on her wedding day...but this one did!
 Oh my, these girls were the most fun!
 This is very typical of my Brother, Beau

 Hey, are you guys twins?
 These boots were made for...
 Oh wow, Angie will kill me for this one!
And one funny one of us! Thanks for a fun, amazing year!
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Time with the Boys!

I kept thinking I had better take some good pictures of my own children. I had not planned on taking pictures around the Christmas tree the other morning but as Tryg began to play on top of the antique chest I had set next to the tree I decided he looked pretty cute there! Before long Titus was over there with him and saying "cheese"! I kept telling him not to say that as that is one of the Cardinal rules of photography...don't say cheese or you end up with a fake smile. But to a 3 year old it is what you do when someone is in front of you with a camera, or a phone. At the end of it all we ended up having a lot of fun and the pictures turned out really cute! My boys are so much fun and this Christmas is going to be a BLAST!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Engagement in the Country

 When deciding what my very first blog should be it was really a pretty easy decision. One of my favorite shoots recently was with Buddy and Cassi. This couple is getting married in September of 2012 and right away we hit it off because there are many similarities with this couple and my husband and I. I think it is evident from the pictures not only their love for each other but also the great outdoors. Buddy is an avid hunter and spends time preparing his land (which he was gracious enough to let us shoot on), capturing trail cam photos of his deer, and of course hunting! Cassi is more of a city girl, like myself but also appreciates hunting and herself has taken a deer with a bow which I thought was really impressive! I tried to pull a bow back once, hurt my shoulder and never tried it again! I am looking forward to having the privilege of capturing the memories of this wonderful couple's wedding day and continuing the friendship we have started. I am so thankful for fun, easy going couples. It is down to earth people like Buddy and Cassi that remind me why I love photography. It is not about perfection or impressing people. It is about creating a window into the lives of the people in the photo where it is evident their personality and relationship with each other. The natural, unposed laughter that drives me on in this profession...